Sunday, February 10, 2013

same ole same ole

I’m not much for catchy titles, am I?

Just wanted to let you know what I’ve been up to.  Winking smile   I’ve really been done with the amount of chocolate and cokes.  Some days it’s harder than others.  I’m definitely a “stress” eater.  Seriously, why do I think a Herhey’s nugget is going to make getting the scanner up and running any easier?  hahaha  That was today’s catastrophe.  I’ve needed to sign some papers and email them, and ever since I got the new computer with Windows 8, the scanner hasn’t worked.  I was about reduced to tears—wait!  Who am I kidding, I did shed some tears over that one.  I hate it when I just can’t seem to conquer something in a certain allotted time.  I figure most things deserve about 15-20 minutes NOT over an hour.  So, to be honest, I did bake me some warm cookies.  I felt better.  lol   I bought one of those tubs of Nestle on clearance, and I needed to use it or freeze it by one day next week.  So, I took a little while to scoop the dough into balls to pop them into the freezer.

Some would say that you shouldn’t give in to such things, but I’m trying to make lifestyle changes.  I do not plan to go the rest of my life without eating cookies.

I’ve still been doing walk away the pounds 6-7 days a week.  No weight loss, but I can tell a difference in my clothes.

Shoulder still hurts, I go to the Chiropractor tomorrow.  They will be doing a reassessment.

I worked on a project friday and saturday for a “maybe” opportunity coming my way.  A video tutorial.  I fill you in as soon as I know something.

I only have a few more squares to do on the kitchen floor.  I found a fun light fixture at Home Depot that I’m 99% sure I’m going to install over the kitchen table.  I took the old one apart to take down, but I’ve left it in that state for over a year!  woe is me.

home depot light

you like?

speaking of my kitchen, I need to paint the blue accent wall gray.  It’s those tongue and groove boards, so I have to be careful painting them. I’m hoping to use my CommandMAX.  My nephew and his wife have all my tools.  They bought a new house, and I figured if I didn’t have any tools laying around I wouldn’t take a chance on working on something and hurting my shoulder.  I’ll be getting it all back very soon.

Oh, the housecleaning  comes and goes in spurts. I do try to remember that it does only take 10 minutes to do those tasks that I like to put off. Last week, I took about 30 minutes to clean out the drawers and the “knee” hole of the kitchen island/craft station.   It was long overdue.   I hope to blog on MRL with the updated pictures of the kitchen floor this week.

Besides working my brains out on the scanner problem, I’ve been working on gathering all my tax stuff.  I know nothing about taxes, let alone BLOG taxes.  I’ve hired some CPA company that knows all about bloggers.  Hopefully it will all work out.

I suppose that’s about it. 

see ya,



  1. I like the light fixture. I think it would look great in your kitchen. It's too bad that your shoulder is still bothering you. I can't wait to see pictures of your floor! As far as taxes, I do my own and always have...some day I hope to not have to do them.

  2. LOVE the light fixture...I think I saw this exact one on a blog last week...I think they had painted it. It should look great in your kitchen!

  3. Honestly, Gail, your life is so busy, I got kind of dizzy just reading this post. Without computers and their paraphernalia, we'd not be here blogging, but geez, they can suck the enthusiasm right out of you sometimes, can't they? I go nuts when I have to spend a lot of time on my offline printer, cuz I want that print RIGHT NOW, darn it! I so hear you.


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