Sunday, January 6, 2013

projects make a mess


This is how my kitchen looked a couple of hours ago.  I unloaded some of the items out of my car (from the booth) and got right to work.  I had several sets of wedding signs left over from Glendale and some from the booth.  I have changed how they hang, so I took off all the hangers and drilled holes in the wood signs.  Then I had to add jute to each of them.

Do you notice anything about this picture?  Front and center you can see I got too warm and had to take off my fleece jacket.  To the left you can see an open drawer and cabinet.  The cabinet is open because I was listening to the radio.  I keep it inside the cabinet to cut down on clutter on the counter top.   The drawer is open because I needed the scissors.  But—if you look closely you’ll also see a cabinet door open, another drawer and to the left of the fridge, the cabinet that holds the garbage can is also open.

This photo was not staged.  I just thought I’d take one to show you how busy I was.  I had no idea all those doors/drawers were open.  It’s something I’m know around here for—leaving things open.  Smile

On the stove you can see a large pot.  I made a pot of bean soup today.  It was delicious!  Since I took this picture I have cleaned up everything and have even done the dishes.

I haven’t done the 10 minute challenge yet.  I took a bunch of pictures this morning for my Etsy shop and I wanted to upload them to the computer to see if they turned out before I take down the backdrop where I took the pictures. After I get some computer stuff done, I’m off and running to do it all.

Today’s housecleaning schedule

6) Clean bathrooms

That will be easy since I’ve been keeping them tidy.

Saturday was a good day, very little chocolate and 1 coke.  I weighed today and have lost 1.5 pounds!!!  I did WATP for 25 minutes yesterday.  I didn’t want to do it at all because I was so worn out from packing up the booth.

It’s cold a gloomy today.  I’m hoping to get some more stuff put away out of the car this afternoon.  I’m not bringing anything in the house unless I have a place to put it.

I hope you’re having a very nice weekend!

see ya,


ps  What do you find to be your biggest downfall?   Eating too much or moving too little?  Wanna share what your vice food is?  You know mine is chocolate!

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