Monday, January 7, 2013

It was a long day…

I didn’t get my tasks done till the end of the day because I had all that other stuff to do.


I told you yesterday that I didn’t have to do the towels.  You can see that I have very few towels.  My problem lies on the shelf above.  Look at all those sheets.  There are way too many, and it’s difficult for me to keep them organized because they are so high, it hurts my shoulder to put them away.  So when they are all clean, the pile is too high.




I set the timer for 10 minutes and got to work.  I took them all to the kitchen table and sorted them on the kitchen table.  The towels on the right are “pet” towels and beach towels.   This was not a fun task, and I didn’t do it like I should have.  I should have refolded all the sheets but I find it very painful to spread my arms to fold large sheets.  So, I just made them as neat as I could.  I will  make a point to fold each clean sheet a lot better from now on.

2013-01-06 19.14.05

These are the sheets I didn’t put back in the closet.  I use a lot of sheets when I pack for Glendale, and I will need many when I bring home the larger items from my booth tomorrow.  They will cover the large items so they don’t get dusty while being stored in a garage.

I also did WATP for 30 minutes late in the evening last night.   One coke, and some chocolate (as always)   lol

Today’s cleaning schedule task is:

7) Clean all interior windows  (white vinegar and newspaper works great and is cheap)   

That is what the Apartment Therapy site says.    When I wash my windows in warm weather I have a routine I follow.  I raise all the screens about an inch, then use the hose to spray the screens, windows, and around the windows.  After I do that, I go back in the house, and wash each window with  warm water with a small squirt of dish soap. I like using soapy water because it’s easy to clean the window sills.  That being said, if I’m just washing the inside of my windows, I grab my trusty Fish Foam.  LOVE it!  It gets windows sparkling clean.

BUT, I will NOT be washing my windows today.  That type of washing motion is impossible with my bum shoulder. Because I use my left arm a lot these days, it hurts too.  My windows will be staying dirty awhile longer I’m afraid.   Instead I’ll spend a great deal of time unloading the rest of my car, and try to find a place to put all the stuff from the booth.

oh, and I have a chiropractor appointment this morning.

Are you moving more and eating less?   Decluttering?  Hello—Am I all alone here?   Even if I am, that’s okay.  I’ll just continue to ramble on because I need to do this, and be accountable.

see ya,


ps I’ll be back later today with Peter’s challenge


  1. Hey Gail,, you're not alone. Im here and behind on Peter's challenge already, I find it really hard to go by a schedule. But I did manage to get some things done this weekend.
    I cleaned and decluttered the top of fridge, cabinet above fridge, cabinets above microwave, found a basket to house the remotes in living room, put away extra purses, jackets, junk, etc that had found a home in my back entryway and mopped that area aaaannnd managed to keep my dishes washed and kitchen clean all weekend (which believe me is a real challenge for me).
    I may not be following along exactly with Peter or any cleaning schedule but Im bound and determined to do some little task everyday.
    Your posts help keep me accountable too. Thanks

    1. Debbie--I'm so happy that you're inspired to make a change for the better. I'm telling you, I spent so much time "beating myself up" every morning when I walked into the kitchen. I just never knew WHERE to start. It took about 2 hours that first day, but it's still neat and tidy, and I'm still smiling!
      You've done a LOT! Let's keep it up, k?

  2. Definitely not alone! I am getting inspired reading your posts ... I am often an "all or nothing" person (if I can't do the entire job perfectly, I don't want to start - makes for an awful lot of procrastinating), and I need the boost of 'just 10 minutes' or just this one little thing. Fortunately, my socks and plastic containers are pretty well controlled (I did weed out a few), but I also tackled the sheets (and will do towels tonight). I live alone (for now, hubby works in another state), but do have family guests regularly. I have 3 twin guest beds and had 20 sets of sheets for them. Wowzer, I have a lot more room since I weeded it down to 6 sets just for those beds. I kept 2 sets for my bed (I always use the same 2 sets, so decided I should just chuck the rest) and for my other guest bed. This was more than a 10 minute task, but was well worth it!


    1. Patty!

      Thanks so much for your comment. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that is all or nothing. You are right, it does cause a lot of procrastination!
      So happy you're joining in the challenge, doesn't it feel great already? Every little bit makes a difference.

      Yippee for paring down those sheets lady. That's awesome. I'm about to hop over and see what today's task is.

      Have a super week!


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