Friday, January 11, 2013

I don’t have a lot to say…

It’s been a crazy week.  I have sold one large piece on Craig’s List:


Someone is suppose to come buy this today:


Today’s scheduled cleaning is Bathrooms.  That’s an easy one.


I’ll be back later with Peter’s Challenge.  But it may be late afternoon.  I’m doing some junkin’ with an out of town blogger.  More on that later.  Smile

Things are going as planned as far as eating, cokes, chocolate, and WATP.  I’ve been doing really well.     I weigh every day.  I wish I could do it all year, but I only do it when I’m trying to lose weight.  IF I did it always, then I probably wouldn’t gain weight.  If I saw the scale going up, surely I would stop.  lol   I’m still 170.  It went down, but then jumped back up.  It’s a little discouraging because I’m trying so hard. 

make it a good day!!!

see ya,



  1. Congrats on the Craiglist sale...that's just one of many to come. lLcky person who gets that piece! Sounds to me like you are doing great with your 'Plan'.

    Hope you have fun on your junkin' outting...nice you get to meet up with your blogger friend.

    PS...Still no new baby at our housse.

  2. Glad to hear you are making some sales! Your word of the year is really helping you out!! Great job sticking to it!


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