Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 9 of 31 Days

Day 9 - Paperwork Part 2: Here's a way to start afresh in 2013 with a clear desk and a simple way to manage paperwork - but it demands you commit to a SYSTEM and a ROUTINE. Take a deep breath, check out the video and let me know if this serious challenge will work for you.

I have the biggest pile of paper from 2012-receipts, invoices, you name it!  I MUST get a better system for 2013.  The problem is I don’t really have a good way to sort them because I’m not sure HOW they should be sorted.  I am putting it on my short term goal list to get a system that works for me.  Maybe the accordion?   I don’t like how deep it is.  I think I need one more like the coupon kind??? what do you think?  What system do you use?

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  1. This is a hard one....because it takes constant attention! I have a file cabinet, that all my "keep for 7 years" papers go, it is deep in the basement. I just do a file for each billing co, each person in the family, and any other category. So I have a lot of them but it easier to find them that way. I also have a temporary system that is upstairs and I empty it often to be filed downstairs...make sense? It works, but can be overwhelming with 8 people in the house-it makes for a lot of papers. I mostly trash it all, or as much as I can anyway! Good luck with this!

  2. I seem to be a bit "off" in this declutter month but I am definitely getting my house in better shape! I've always had a hard time following directions :)

    Took apart our entertainment unit and dusted till my lungs hurt. Such a feeling of satisfaction plus I got to visit Steve's dad and our old dog Eddi Marie - their ashes are kept in one of the cabinets. I sure loved both of them.


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