Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 4 of 31 days

Day 4: Remote Control! It's the end of the week so here's your quick and easy ten minute organizing challenge. Check out the video then head straight for your family room / den. Let me hear how you did - too easy? #31Days2GetOrganized


This one was easy for me, and I’m glad because I just spent 40 minutes mopping the kitchen floor.  :)  I wiped down all the remotes in the house.  In the living room, I just have one, and it does have a home (see picture below) so that was too easy of an assignment.  I suggest wiping off all of your phones (including that CELL phone) while you have the wipe/cloth in your hand.

ohh, the one in the kitchen was THE worst!  ewwww



day 4

I took the remotes into another room to wipe them because I wanted to get all those buttons nice and clean without resetting a bunch of stuff on the cable box.  c’mon are YOU up to the challenge?  I sure hope so.  I honestly dread it each day, but then when I read it, I think to myself, awww, that’s not bad!

get moving!

see ya,



  1. Now my mind is racing about all the germs and bacteria on my phone and remote. Ewwww! I'm too tired to even think about wiping down my remote but I will put it next to me when I lie down on the couch. Progress sometimes comes in baby steps :)

    1. progress is progress, not matter how small the steps!

      get some rest, have a great weekend!

  2. We only have 2 remotes in this house...and I WILL wipe them down I'm going to hit both the phones too.


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