Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 is off to a great start

Tuesday (New Year’s Day) was off to a busy start.  I registered to attend Haven Conference 2013.  The first 50 tickets were discounted $25, and I was a nervous wreck typing as fast as I could, to take advantage of that deal.  I made it, but the discounted tickets sold out in 60 seconds!  OMG!  I think the entire conference will sell out within a day or so.   It’s not till August, so hopefully I’ll be a whole new person by then. 


Peter announced his first challenge, and I rose to the occasion, and got it done very quickly.  On MRL I talked about the ideas I saw on Pinterest, and for now I decided to go with the one from Apartment Therapy.  It’s all about cleaning on a rotating schedule.  It’s the one I printed last year, and never got around to doing it.  It’s pretty cool, because you can really pick up the schedule on any day of the month.

1st- Surface clean living room and kitchen (pick up stray items, dust, sweep, vacuum)   That was a good one for me because I had already done Peter’s challenge in the living room, and because my goal was to get that kitchen in order before I tweet Wednesday morning’s picture.  Plus, I had been wanting to take an updated picture for my post How to Paint Oak Cabinets now that I got the new appliances.  The almond stove sort of stuck out like a sore thumb.


Here’s the updated picture. We’ll see how it looks on Weds morning when I tweet it.  Smile


I did WATP (Walk Away the Pounds) for 15 minutes.  It’s just been a day, but having done that, and cleaned, I am already feeling better. I hope Peter’s challenge for Weds doesn’t involve any of the places I stuffed my clutter today.  hahahah

Here’s one tip I learned a long time ago…If you pick something up to move it, PUT IT AWAY, don’t shuffle it.  That includes the mail, etc.  Now, even though I know this great tip, I don’t always adhere to it.  But I try.

see ya!



  1. Looking good!!! Glad to hear you'll be going back to the Haven Conference this year...I enjoyed hearing all about your first trip there last year.

    I do pretty good in most of my home EXCEPT for this craft/computer is a disaster. Took time yesterday to go and buy a nice...well, what is nice to I plan on starting in one section and if I know in my heart of hearts I'm not going to use is either going to go to a friend of mine if it's something that can be shipped easily..then I may list some items to sell on one of our local FB pages...if they don't sell within a couple days...they are out of her to Goodwill.
    Many years ago...I thought I would try decorative painting....well, I was horrible at it...but I couldn't stop myself from buying small surfaces to do...big mistake! It's time to get them out of here. I should have took up least paper lays flat. lol

    1. yay for a new camera! :) baby steps girl--anything that helps.
      although, donna (funky junk) believes in "gutting" not "shuffling". sometimes that method just doesn't work. I gut when I can, and shuffle when I must!

      hahah paper lays flat. funny!
      good luck!

  2. Congrats on getting your ticket! And your kitchen looks great! Great job getting it cleaned up!


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